Xperia x8 2 ultra

All the things you need to know about Sony xperia ultra

I'm finally going to be sharing with you guys my review of the Xperia x8 2 ultra from Sony after two weeks of usage keep in mind the phone.

 Also came out around two weeks ago I think it was around February 16 um and I'll be using the phone since then, and I did the unboxing. I already did a video where I show you how this phone performs when playing excellent video games.

 I recommend watching those videos as well, but in this video, I want to share with you guys Mike's been so far with this phone and give you my final thoughts about this phone. Whatsapp web is another browser application and you can use it while you are using your Xperia smartphone. 

Well so, first of all, I want to start with the design of this Smartphone that's the first thing you're going to notice when you get it out of the box when you get this phone out of the box.

 And you are handling this phone you're going to feel right away that you are touching a high-end Smartphone.

 On this phone feels good because it's surrounded by aluminum also the edges are rounded as well it makes it for a lovely feeling when you have it in your hand.

 Also, the fact that the screen is 6.0 inches right it's 1920 by 1080 Pix also is perfect you know it doesn't have too many bezels on the sides as you see there which is good.

 Sony's smartphones are always meant to be blocky you know I don't know why but from the beginning there's there always been blocky, but if you've been seeing the MWC your Mobile World Congress this year, Sony went away from this design with the super high-end smartphones with the z2.


Sony ultra process speed and ram facts

 I think it's the z2 or something like that but this I believe is the last time they're going to be doing these designs unless they can keep this design for our lower and smartphones.

Because this Smartphone legacy here even though yes it does and feels like a high-end Smartphone, it is meant to be like a mid-range or budget Smartphone.

 This Smartphone goes for around four hundred and forty-nine dollars you know as the initial price I say the initial cost because like you guys see this phone most likely will go down in price, but you know for 4:49 honestly.

 The Smartphone feels good when you have it in your hand. Another thing is performance wise you realize it doesn't have the latest CPU it has the Snapdragon 630, which is meant for budget smartphones.

 But you know that combine 4 with 4 gigabytes of RAM makes the phone feels very snappy that's one thing to keep in mind.

 And I've been playing summer games here, and they perform well so any if you saw my videos playing video games you can see that I can play a lot of different games.

 And they will play perfectly reasonable on the Smartphone, and they would also look beautiful as well because of the screen like a same 1920 by 1080 P 6 inches it's like the perfect size for video games now.

 The other thing that I like about the Sony Smartphone is that it has the fingerprint scanner and it has it this time on the rear I had a perfect location which makes it easy to unlock when you grab your phone you take it out of your pocket. if you looking to install audio app to this model then the best app is Pandora Premium Apk.


Sony ultra battery life

 And your fingers already there so you're opening your phone right before you even take the phone out of your pocket.

So I'm happy that they decided to put a fingerprint scanner on the Smartphone and you know you put it at the perfect location right there now keep in mind in the inside this Smartphone has 32 gigabytes of storage but just like almost every other Smartphone oh I'm only Smartphone.

 Of course, you can put some more extra memory using the micro SD card up to 256 good gigabytes.

Now when it comes to battery life, this Smartphone has three thousand five hundred and eighty milliamps per hour battery, which honestly has been giving a lot of perfect battery life. I've been getting around over 15 hours or 16 17 hours of battery life I've been playing some games here and there while flipping around through Flipboard using the browser a lot.

You know watching some YouTube videos and I've been getting approximately 15 16 hours of battery life which honestly that is a very good deal for a smartphone like this.

 Now camera wise this Smartphone is excellent as well I'm here in the real you have a 23-megapixel camera with flash right there.  you can easily use videostar presets plugins in this Sony xperia ultra model.

 And in the front, you also have flash front-facing flash as well, but you have two cameras you have on 16 megapixels, and you have an 8 megapixel and the purpose for those cameras is to do like a wide angle from selfie when you're doing selfies you do a wide angle.

And it works pretty damn good here is the camera app which I didn't show you guys I mean any of my videos but now that we're doing this video. 


Display and hardware features

 Let's go and show you guys walk around through this camera I'm here you have over here you have a couple of options for an rfx panorama creativity effects you have a 4k mode as well which records 4k at 30 frames per second.

 And, ideally, you have some settings you can control there as well it also has time shift burst sound photo you have the usual video here.

 As well and it also has a slow-motion mode which records at 120 frames per second and over here you can change the resolution for a lot of these things as well of course and video.

Let's going to close this right here in the video when recording regular videos on this Smartphone.

 You can record 1080p at 30 frames per second or 1080p at 60 frames per second.

 As well and of course this phone has HDR video as well plus it has a whole bunch of other options there as well the manual mode which is this one says preferred mode there's a lot of things you could change here, of course, you got 23 megapixels.

 But it goes all the way down to 12 megapixels you can adjust that and yes it does have HDR it also has a menu mode here as well that you can adapt.

And of course like I said it has the flash here in the front which you can switch here to the front there.

 You could turn on the flash let's go and turn on the flash right here let's go ahead flashlight there you go turn on the flame like that, and that's it looks bright.


Final thought about Sony ultra model

 But let's going to turn that off, so I'm going to show you guys a couple of pictures and videos that I took on this camera right now.

 The other thing that I like about the Smartphone is that it feels like a pure vanilla Android phone or Google phone.

Because of the skin that it has you know, it makes you feel excellent you got Google now here you also if you press and hold you also have the Google assistant here as well the skin feels Android you know vanilla Android feels good.

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